Throughout the process of writing this book, many individuals from the community have taken time out to help us out. We’d like to give a special thanks to the Python and Jython community as a whole for actively participating in the feedback and contributions for this book via the mailing lists.

We also thank the Python and Jython developers for producing this great programming language. So much hard work has gone into the Python language that it has become one of the most solid and widely used object oriented programming languages available today. The Jython developers have done a tremendous job bringing the Jython of today up-to-speed with current versions of the Python language. The Jython community seems to be working harder than ever before at making it a viable option for programming modern Python and Java applications alike. Special thanks to those developers who have helped out with this book and still kept Jython advancing.

The authors of The Definitive Guide to Jython would like to offer an extra special thanks to the rest of the individuals in this section. Without your insight or contributions portions of this book may not have been possible.

James Gardner - Thanks to James Gardner for his help in providing us with a working toolset and knowledge to convert from restructured text format to MS Word for the Apress editing process. The open source book was written completely in restructured text, and converted to .doc format for the Apress drafts and editing procedures. James offered great insight on how he used this process with The Pylons Book, and he also provided us with a conversion utility that was used for his book.