About The Authors

Josh Juneau

Josh Juneau has been a software developer since the mid 1990’s. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Computer Science. His career began as an Oracle database administrator which later led into PL/SQL development and database programming. Josh began to use Java along with PL/SQL for developing web applications, and later shifted to Java as a primary base for application development. Josh has worked with Java in the form of web, GUI, and command-line programming for several years. During his tenure as a Java developer, he has worked with many frameworks including JSP, JSF, EJB, and JBoss Seam. At the same time, Josh expanded his usage of the JVM by developing applications with other JVM languages such as Jython and Groovy. Since 2006, Josh has been the editor and publisher for the Jython Monthly newsletter. In late 2008, he began a podcast dedicated to the Jython programming language. More modern releases of Jython have enabled Josh to begin using it as one of the primary languages for his professional development. Currently Josh spends his days developing Java and Jython applications, and working with Oracle databases. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family. Josh also sneaks in enough time to maintain the jython.org website, hack on the Jython language, and work on other such projects. He can be contacted via his blog at http://www.jj-blogger.blogspot.com.

Jim Baker

Jim Baker has over 15 years of software development experience, focusing on business intelligence, enterprise application integration, and high-performance web applications. He is a member of the Python Software Foundation and a committer on Jython. Jim has presented at Devoxx, EuroPython, JavaOne, and the Python Conference, as well at numerous user groups. He is a graduate of both Harvard and Brown.

Victor Ng

Victor Ng has been slinging Python code in enterprises for 10 years and has worked in the banking, adventure travel, and telecommunications industries. Victor attended the University of Waterloo where he was busy learning to cook and didn’t attend too many classes. He lives just outside of Toronto, Ontario, in Canada.

Leo Soto

Leonardo Soto is part of the Jython development team since the middle of 2008, after a successfully completed Google Summer of Code Project that aimed to run and integrate the Django web framework with Jython. He is also finishing his thesis to get the Informatics Engineering title from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile and works on Continuum, a Chilean software boutique.

Leo has developed several software systems in the past seven years, most of them being web applications, and most of them based on the JavaEE (formerly J2EE) platform. However, he has been spoiled by Python since the start of his professional developer career, and he has missed its power and clarity countless times, which inexorably turned him toward the Jython project.

Frank Wierzbicki

Frank Wierzbicki is the head of the Jython project and a lead software developer at Sauce Labs. He has been programming since the Commodore 64 was the king of home computers (look it up kids!) and can’t imagine why anyone would do anything else for a living. Frank’s most enduring hobby is picking up new programming languages, but he has yet to find one that is more fun to work with than Python.